Episode 58: What Happened In Q1-2022?!

In this episode, Ryan and Jon talk about a host of negative market signals – economic inflation, conflict in Ukraine, KPIs being down YOY – and share their advice for how brands should be adjusting their growth strategy.
There are a lot of companies right now that are seeing poor year-over-year performance in their traffic and sales data. On top of that, there is international conflict in Ukraine and signs of an impending economic downturn. 

Some industries are being hit harder than others, but there are plenty of brands that are feeling anxious – and rightfully so!

In this episode, Ryan and Jon talk about the current macroeconomic trends and how they are influencing the behaviors of both consumers and brands alike. There is a lot of reason to be pessimistic, but Ryan still has optimism about the rest of 2022, and he's here to explain his position.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What impact stimulus checks, inflation, and international conflict are having on brands
  2. Why poor year-over-year performance isn't the end of the world
  3. What has Ryan feeling optimistic about the back half of 2022
  4. What you should be doing today to set yourself up for success
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Episode 58: What Happened In Q1-2022?!
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