Jon MacDonald (The Good) and Ryan Garrow (Logical Position) are bringing decades of combined experience advising globally-recognized brands to the table in a bi-weekly podcast called Drive and Convert.

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Episode 77 : Optimizing Conversions with Low Traffic (Live)

Conversion rate optimization is important for any ecommerce brand, but it’s markedly more difficult for brands with lower traffic. However, there are still ways how yo...

Episode 76: Conversion Tracking in Performance Max

Last year, Google moved people over from Smart Shopping to Performance Max, and they said Performance Max would be the “one campaign to rule them all.” The struggle no...

Episode 75: Why Industry Benchmarks Are Bullshit

Industry benchmarks are an obvious starting point for anyone looking to set goals. Unfortunately, comparing your conversion rate to the rates of other companies (or th...

Episode 74: Debunking Common SEO Myths

SEO confuses a lot of people. In this week’s episode, Jon and Ryan tackle three big SEO myths that frequently come up when they’re talking to prospects and clients. Th...

Episode 73: 5 Tests To Run On (Almost) Any Ecommerce Site

It can be a challenge to come up with the right areas for optimization. In this episode, Jon and Ryan talk about the five tests that consistently deliver results.

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