About Drive and Convert

The show’s goal is to help online brands to build a better ecommerce growth engine.

What does this mean? Being more effective at driving high quality traffic to your site, and making sure that traffic converts from a visitor to a buyer.

Our mission with the show is to help brands to gain an overall understanding of what is actually happening on their site, so they can use that data to more effectively drive and convert.

The show will help brands to improve in areas such as: return on ad spend, strategic investments in online marketing for growth, conversion rates throughout your site, and reducing cart abandonment.

Your hosts are Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good, a conversion rate optimization agency that works with ecommerce brands to help convert more of their visitors into buyers, and Ryan Garrow of Logical Position, a digital marketing agency offering pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, and website design services to brands of all sizes.

Through sharing our years of experience in ecommerce growth, we plan to share the secrets that have helped some of the brands big and small to drive the right traffic to their sites, and convert that traffic into customers at a rate well above their peers.