Episode 48

Referral Traffic: An untapped growth channel?

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About this Episode

Most marketers are used to digging around in Google Analytics to review their website traffic from organic search, social media, and email marketing, but far fewer dedicate time to analyze their referral traffic – often to their own detriment.

In this episode, Ryan and Jon talk about referral traffic as one of the most commonly misunderstood traffic sources and highlight why failing to dig deeper into the quality and sources of your website referrals could mean leaving money on the table.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:

  1. What referral traffic is and how it is categorized in your website analytics
  2. Common issues with tracking referral traffic and how to fix them
  3. What referral traffic data can tell you about your marketing efforts
  4. How analyzing referral traffic can uncover ripe opportunities for growth

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