Episode 45

Why Brands Don't Invest In CRO (And What It's Costing Them)


November 23rd, 2021

32 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Fill a room with 100 ecommerce managers and ask them where they are investing their time, energy, and resources to try and hit their growth goals. Chances are, most of them will check the box for Paid Ads, Influencer Marketing, or SEO...but far fewer will have a strategy for conversion rate optimization.

In this episode, Ryan and Jon review the most common reasons why ecommerce brands don't invest in CRO, and why that might be holding them back from reaching their potential. If you're directing most of your spend toward acquisition and ignoring conversion or retention, you may want to listen in to get an outside perspective from two industry experts.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:

  1. Why most brands fail to invest in CRO
  2. What information gaps or misconceptions hold them back
  3. What a reasonable testing and optimization budget looks like
  4. Why more traffic doesn't always equal more revenue
  5. Realistic expectations around cost, timing, and impact for a CRO program

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